Quality Aircraft Cabinet Designers

custom airplane cabinet

Our cabinet finishes are second to none. Our state-of-the-art process offers a much richer luster than conventional re-facing. By eliminating the skinning process, we are free of unsightly seams and theneed to match veneers with real wood trim. In addition, tight cabinet tolerances are no longer a problem. The end result is the most fabulous finish on the market.

Our workmanship is consistent throughout the interior and not limited to just the visible components. Hidden elements are crafted with equal quality.

Custom Airplane Interiors

  • Added interior components and trim which exactly match your current cabinetry
  • Custom cabinet drawers and cupboard interiors lined with felt and finished to compliment the exterior
  • Custom logos, lettering, motifs, stitching, and other interior decoration
  • Galley lighting design

Restoring existing veneered aircraft cabinets pose several challenges, including close tolerances on movable parts. Since many of the old veneers can't be removed, it's common practice to add a skin "overlay". This adds material thickness and can make it difficult for parts to function properly. Using traditional veneers can create color matching difficulties between solid wood trim and the veneers. Our unique finishing process eliminates these concerns, and provides a seamless, "better than factory" finish which you and your passengers will enjoy for years to come.

Our process is used by leading manufacturers such as Bombardier, Gulfstream, China Airlines, the new Eclipse 500, and the Airbus A380. The durability and longevity of your cabinets will prove to be the highlight of your new interior. Buchanan Aviation delivers a more affordable and superior product compared to conventional veneers. Once your cabinetry is installed, your interior will present a level of elegance a notch above comparable aircraft

custom cabinets for airplane